Southern Africa is in general a safe destination for international travellers. However, it is wise to take certain standard security precautions while travelling. These precautions should be applied while travelling anywhere in the world. Following basic advice can avoid most potential problems.

Most safaris take place in remote wildlife areas and game reserves, away from villages, towns and cities. This means that you will most probably not find other people around, except those who look after your every need while on safari! The transfers (by road, air or water) between airports, hotels and lodges are operated by reputable companies or by the properties themselves. This means that you will not be unattended at any time during your safari.

A few tips to consider are the following: make photocopies of your passport, airline tickets, drivers license and other important documentation. Also keep a record of the numbers of your travellers cheques. These should be kept in a safe place. Rather leave expensive jewellery at home.

When in towns and cities, do not carry large amounts of cash in your pocket. Keep enough for the expenses of the day and place the rest in a safety deposit box at the hotel/lodge or money pouch under your shirt. Also be discreet with an expensive camera or jewellery. Take note of onlookers and keep your possessions in sight at all times to avoid opportunistic theft. Make use of your hotel safety deposit box for expensive items. Never leave baggage or personal items unattended, especially at airports. It is best not to wander around the streets after dark.

BaboonsIf you are travelling in a car (self drive safari), it is important to lock all the car doors and keep the windows as far up as possible. Plan ahead and know which route you intend to take using clear maps. When leaving your car, do not leave your purse or bag lying on the passenger seat in clear view - rather keep them in the car boot. Never pick up hitchhikers. Southern Africa is the ideal self-drive destination.

Our vehilces are equipped with personal digital coded safes.