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If you want to discover wild and remote places, where each dawn and sunset heralds a new experience...we’ll show you the way!

Ntate Africa Safaris are for people who love life and want to embrace it with a passion, who care about culture, people and wildlife. It is very important that travellers have a positive attitude and are prepared to put in their fair share towards various everyday camping activities. Joining in is what turns a great trip into an unforgettable journey. With the right attitude we can guarantee that travellers will get the most out of their overland experience!

Our belief is that it’s not so much just the arrival at a destination, but the total experience of the expedition that is important. We travel together, learn from each other’s cultures and form a strong, supportive and fun team. Our guides are FGASA and SATG registered as adventure guides, specializing in 4x4 trails and Overlanding. They are enthusiastic and ready for anything and will always get you through the tough times with a smile.

Africa is an adventure destination and travelling here is not always that predictable. Whilst each safari has a rough itinerary, you must be prepared to expect the unexpected and deal with any difficulties or delays which Africa might throw your way!

What to expect...
Each day in Africa is new and exciting. A proportion of each day is spent travelling from one place to another. The safaris can cover large distances and include plenty of highlights. A typical day with us starts at sunrise - we make the most of every day. Lunches are normally informal affairs on the side of the road, or a local picnic spot. Evenings are spent socialising and relaxing in camp.

Who will you travel with? Tents
Our groups average around 10 people, from all walks of life, and of various nationalities. Although there are often couples and groups of friends together, most travellers are single and the male-female mix generally works out about even. The nature of an adventure tour tends to attract a certain age group, and experience has shown us that our overland trips are unsuitable for the majority of travellers outside the 16 to 55 age bracket. However, we do accept people older than 55 years because age is a state of mind.

You will be sharing a two-man dome tent on the safari. We supply a mattress and a sleeping bag. (Other accomodation.can be arranged - if needed and posssible!)

Cost Options
Depending on the duration and 
itinerary the cost of a safari varies, starting from as little as  $900 per person.