DO'S AND DON'TSDo and Don't
Going on safari is always a good idea but if you want to make it back or enjoy your experience to its fullest then read on and let us help you have a bigger and better safari experience.

1. If you’re on a self-drive safari, do not drive off the road. Bush vegetation is very sensitive and you’ll cause erosion and alien plant encroachment.

2. Don’t tease or scare the animals. They’re unpredictable and you don’t want to find out what they’ll do when rubbed the wrong way. It's best to observe them silently.

3. You might spot a really interesting looking plant while on safari and think it might look great in your garden. Don’t do it, you risk being arrested if it’s a protected species.

4. We know you’re in the wild but when nature calls it’s not right to heed the call right there and then. Also, think of your safety.

5. The driver/guide knows best. Don’t insist on getting closer to the animals. Friends might have to leave your carcass in Pretoria.

6. Never sleep outside unprotected.

7.  When sleeping in tents close flyscreen completely and the canvas door at least half way (even if it's hot).

8. Take photographs and memories - nothing else. It’s not a good idea to attempt to take any animals with you. No matter how cute.

9. Leave only your footprints. All food leftovers, bones and rubbish should be brought back and disposed of properly.

10. Resist the urge to smoke. The grass can be really dry and you don’t want to have the mass death of animals by fire on your conscience.

11. Don’t feed the animals. Besides disrupting their diet, it may see you losing your hand or arm.

12. If you can receive signal, switch off your cell phone or put it on silent. That way you won’t scare the animals.